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The YaJagoff! Podcast - All about Pittsburgh

All about the cool stuff going on in Pittsburgh! There are a lot of podcasts, or PAWDcasts as you might say in Pittsburghese, but none this focused on what’s happening in Pittsburgh. Co-hosts John Chamberlin and Rachael Rennebeck talk with guests about food, entertainment, current events and, of course, Jagoffs! This weekly podcast is based on the Pittsburgh humor blog,

Dec 10, 2018

Summary:  J&D Waterproofing joined us again for some hot dates in the winter months.  The jagoffs kick-off the unique fireplace visits at Kate Benz’s humble abode in the Observatory Hill area of the ‘Burgh.  We brought Harry from J&D Waterproofing, along with a scrumptious lunch provided by Cydney from CoreLife Eatery. The Justin Wade Band joined us so we can hear more about their newest endeavor while Tony Landolina discussed his artistic abilities about Pittsburgh Things, as well as his renowned art work and collaboration with Michelle Wright.  Plus we talk longevity at a young age with Kate Benz, the Great!  What is a Fireplace Tour?  Well, it’s a series of hand-picked homes jagoffs visit to record a series of podcast episodes while talking Pittsburgh things cozied up to a fire....silly! 

Music:  Justin Wade Band, ‘Woman” 

SPONSOR:  Total Sports Enterprises will host the last public signing of 2018 and it will certainly be a bang!  TSE will host Heyward, Tuitt, DuPree and Hilton and this time at the Block Northway on Saturday from 3 until 5 p.m.  TSE will morph from one mall to another with unique merchandise on hand to be signed as well as items for purchase to enhance any holiday!  Check out for details and for all of your black and gold needs.  


What was on the blog? Holla-day Gift GuideSteelers jagoffery               

Question of the day: When the weather outside is frightful, what is your “inside the house” is so delightful?  Basically, what is your favorite indoor activity when winter breaks? 

05:43 Harry, from J&D Waterproofing, joins around the fireplace and microphones to discuss the sponsorship of the Fireplace Tour while revealing promotions J&D Waterproofing only provides in Pittsburgh 

Cydney from CoreLife Eatery displays the delectable, responsibly sourced dishes that keep guests returning for more at The Block Northway. Fresh, healthy bowls such as the Tuna Poke, Southwest Grilled Chicken & Purple Rice and Korean BBQ Pork provide the perfect remedies to overcome hunger as YaJagoff Podcast highlights the best and hidden gems in Pittsburgh.  

06:59 Kate Benz: Gracious host and writer Kate Benz sits around her intricately decorated home filled with one-of-a-kind antiques while discussing her beginnings of her professional career and yearning to stay in from the biting cold of the Burgh. Though most people prefer the tropics or a lavish city getaway, her escape to Kansas is the most lovable place on the earth for her. Her keen interest and connection to this small farm town in Kansas inspires her to write a book about the people she crosses paths with that keep the town thriving. 

29:51 Tony Landolina: Always on the venture of new artistic abilities, Tony Landolina discusses his endeavors of three jobs that bring their own unique inspiration to his life. Listen closely as he explains his interest on honey that produces elaborate pieces of artwork while he promotes his printmaking gig of Pittsburgh themed apparel, n’at! His business, Pittsburgh Things, features custom made items such as t-shirts, skirts, hoodies, home & living and more! Be sure to visit online to find that special someone a must-have gift for the HOLLA-day!  

43:11  Justin Wade Band: Justin Wade band brings its guitars and rustic vocals to feature the newest song, “Woman”, while spreading the joy of their rising success in the Steel City. You can catch the duo playing around the city, but be sure to read their magazine debut from Artistic Platforms in its December 2018 issue. Keep up-to-date for future shows and song releases by visiting The Justin Wade Facebook page.  

SPONSORTotal Sports Enterprises  will host the last public signing of 2018 and it will certainly be a bang! TSE will host Heyward, Tuitt, DuPree and Hilton at The Block Northway on Saturday, December 15th from 3 until 5 p.m.  TSE will morph from one mall to another with unique merchandise on hand to be signed as well as items for purchase to enhance any holiday!  Check out for details and for all of your black and gold needs.  

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