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The YaJagoff! Podcast - All about Pittsburgh

All about the cool stuff going on in Pittsburgh! There are a lot of podcasts, or PAWDcasts as you might say in Pittsburghese, but none this focused on what’s happening in Pittsburgh. Co-hosts John Chamberlin and Rachael Rennebeck talk with guests about food, entertainment, current events and, of course, Jagoffs! This weekly podcast is based on the Pittsburgh humor blog,

Dec 25, 2017

Summary: After 7 long months of on-the-road and on-location podcasts, John and Rachael highlight two fun interviews and ‘jag around’ with Pittsburgh Podcast Network pals and TSE peeps about their most jagoff gift received for Christmas. Plus, hear from Pittsburgher, turned Hollywood comedian, podcaster and actress Christine Blackburn and John tricks Rachael into thinking he interviewed Pirates favorite playmaker Josh Harrison at his Cincy home. 

YaJagoff! Podcast -  Show Notes:  Episode Music: Kevin Harkin’s ‘Dahntahn’ with Pittsburgh musical guests.

SPONSOR:  Total Sports Enterprises deserves every introduction possible especially coming off of the holiday season, they may just win an award for all of the shipping that they did in the last couple of weeks just to get all of the last-minute stocking stuffers and deals to the homes in time for the holidays and is where you can find all of the latest black and gold needs.   01:17 Opening: John and Rachael are #Blessed for attending fun events, the newest accolades from Sean’s Ramblings best of 2017 including yours truly Ya Jagoff! and our first Christmas card from Arkansas yinz guys!  Ntaaaw!

What was on the blog? Last of the jagoffery spellings for jagoff holiday fun!

06:23    Rachael chats about receiving the wrong Cabbage Patch Kid doll in the early 80’s and John once received coal!

10:09    Ryan Recker stops by the studio to chat Cranky Frankie and gives two examples of gifts that may have not been his faves…in a veerrry diplomatic manner.

15:42    John Knight has a hometown show at Olivia’s in January and as usual he is aggravated about the lack of a “party atmosphere” in the studio plus discusses getting the flu as a Christmas gift.  What did John’s family leave as a beverage for Santa?

20:52    Jay Hay in the house!  Josh Harrison discusses how baseball has changed, his new-to-be daughter and why Rachael should be jealous?

27:08    Wayne Weil the Ya Jagoff producer uses the podcast as a therapy session of things he needs to discuss including a slew of items that were jagoff gifts at Christmas.

33:04 Ntaaaw Frank Murgia, the head honcho at the Pittsburgh Podcast Network discusses his bratty days as a kid and emphasizes his appreciation for the podcast.  He is such a good balancer 

39:55 Christine Blackburn, from the StoryWorthy podcast, discusses her interest in our podcast, reminisces Pittsburgh and name drops a few famous folks she has had on her own podcast from California 

59:46 Our intern Hannah doesn’t take our Christmas call while holidaying in Canada 

60:01 Our really head honcho David Sedelmeier, The Talent Network, Inc. President, talks longevity and talks out of school Christine Blackburn with a unique Billy Elmer story.

66:58 John and Rachael pay homage to the main sponsors of the podcast Total Sports Enterprises: Pete Ausiello, Josh Upchar and Todd Murphy and they reveal some interesting jagoff gifts they have received over the years. 

71:51 Closing 

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