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The YaJagoff! Podcast - All about Pittsburgh

All about the cool stuff going on in Pittsburgh! There are a lot of podcasts, or PAWDcasts as you might say in Pittsburghese, but none this focused on what’s happening in Pittsburgh. Co-hosts John Chamberlin and Rachael Rennebeck talk with guests about food, entertainment, current events and, of course, Jagoffs! This weekly podcast is based on the Pittsburgh humor blog,

Dec 31, 2016

We couldn’t convince anyone to come into the studio after Thanksgiving, so we hung out at the kitchen table eating turkey leftovers, drinking beer, talking to Collin (John’s son) about his cooking abilities and Thanksgiving dinner attire. Oh, we also talked to Pittsburgh Penguin’s defenseman, Trevor Daley about Pittsburgh food, favorite beers and winning the Stanley Cup.

YaJagoff! Podcast - SHOW NOTES: Thanksgiving Recovery Episode

Music: Jimbo and the Soup Bones, “Never, Knew!”

00:60 We are in John’s kitchen eating leftovers! Craig doesn’t like stuffing but EVERYTHING tastes great 1 day later. Cooking for Thanksgiving is all about control of the leftovers! We’re also sucking down some of Mary Mac Bakehouse “Yinzer Muffin Mix” muffins!

05:05 Collin, John’s son, converses with Craig about John’s cooking abilities, humor authenticity and John’s classy Thanksgiving recipes and attire.

11:25 What’s in the Cool-Whip container and Craig’s brilliant plan to capture leftovers from his mother but, more importantly, we are out of beer already!

12:37 Pittsburgh Penguin defenseman, Trevor Daley answers the tough questions: favorite beer, signing karaoke and his favorite Pittsburgh places to eat. Oh, and how was his day with the Stanley Cup?

24:02 Craig is back with the beer but… gets kind of awkward!

25:15 The podcast will be recording at Adda Coffee on December 10th, noon-2pm and at the Wheeling Nailers game, in ugly sweaters, on December 12th.

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